I did it

for real this time.

After numerous polls on my stories about anyone being interested in whatever my brain is willing to pour out, I’ve done it. I’ve created my little space on the internet where anyone – or nobody at all – can find me. 

This would be me, for once pictured without a toddler on my hip.

It’s an old picture, as you can tell by the make-up on my face and the lack of extreme under-eye baggage. What this means is that I spend most of my life living for my daughter, and that’s what this whole little space will most likely be about. If that’s not for you, great, fine, this will be an hello and a goodbye all in one. If you’re here for the baby vom and poop talks, welcome to what I’m sure is your life too. No other sane person would ever read this. Mothers, slightly insane and all game for the dirt and realness, are my crowd. I’m looking at the three mama’s that consistently like my instagram pictures, here’s to you girls.

This post has no real value other than to test out whatever features this blogging thing has, and to have a small section of this, soon to be baby space, dedicated to me. The one that had to sit on an ice pack for a week after giving her life.

I hope my words find their way to some of you who might need a relatable story to read when googling the shit out of why parenthood is such a mess or those who simply want a laugh. At my face, constant grammar errors or what a joke my life is sometimes. Whatever works for you.

Oh and my name is Liz.