Room refresh

It’s really hard to keep my room feeling “mine” since I am still sharing my room with a stuffed animal obsessed two-year-old.

I can’t leave books or pretty things out, my jewelery has to stay hidden or I hear ” oooo-lala” in the middle of the night. I admit, she’s probably the cutest thief you’ll ever see, but still.

The easiest way to make my room feel mine again is by changing the sheets. Investing in a set of sheets that look and feel luxurious is an instant moodchanger for me.

When Collishop offered to give me a fresh, beautiful set of Beddinghouse bedsheets, I almost squeeled.

It instantly changed the vibe of the entire room, it’s so calm and pretty. And that’s exactly how it feels when I go to bed and tuck myself in. It ‘feels pretty’ if that makes sense.

They did send us some extra stuff to make Charlie’s part of our room special too, you can’t go wrong with some fun pillows and a cute light. Yes, the cactus is a lamp!

She’s happy, I’m happy.

Now if only she’d sleep…

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