DIY doll hospital with Lilliputiens

Pretend play is a big deal in toddler world, Charlie is a chef one second and a nurse the next. I feel that it’s important as a parent to stimulate this. By playing with them and providing them with toys or even getting creative and making your own kitchen, dollbed or whatever you can think off out of cardboard you open up a world of fantasy for your little one to explore as they please!

When Lilliputiens reached out to us and asked if we would like to work with them, I jumped at the opportunity! Lilliputiens is a Belgian brand founded by two creative moms who felt the need to give children a world to explore through soft, colourful toys. Their toys are extremely well made and look beautiful ( which is a big plus if you are trying to keep your house visually appealing to grown-ups aswell and not just a glorified toy store )

We chose the Doctor’s ambulance play set which comes in a handy bag, as pictured above, which makes it easy to take along on sleepovers at grandma’s house or even to the hospital. If you’ve been following along with our journey, you’ll know that Charlie spends a fair amount of time hospitalized, she knows what doctors are and, sadly, even gets a little scared when she sees them. I thought that maybe turning the roles around and having HER be the nurse/doctor for once would help her get over her fear a bit.

The Doctor’s ambulance play set contains : A red ambulance bag, a bunny ( patient ), stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, multiple bandaids that can be applied with velcro, a doctor’s coat, a bandage and a little doctor’s notebook ( that Charlie wouldn’t let go of at the time of this picture so it’s not included in the picture )

I think she had a great time patching up her little patient and putting him to bed with a little kiss. This play set was a big hit with our little nurse, and mama had a great time too!

I made her a little doll hospital bed to complete the experience, which was honestly super easy to do. All I used was a clementine crate, white spraypaint and a red permanent marker!

You can find more information about this set, retailers and the brand Lilliputiens over at .

Thank you Lilliputiens and Puur PR !

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